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Why use Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v.10 (PFOIv10)?

Learn how to be successful in fiber optic installation.

Reduce costs of learning, training, and field installation.

Become certified by the Fiber Optic Association.

Save time.

What is PFOIv10?

PFOIv10 is the most comprehensive compilation available of information absolutely essential for successful fiber optic installation. Such information includes concepts, terminology, numbers, principles, installation and testing methods, and application information. This information appears in 5 parts, 35 chapters, 494 pages, 683 figures, 93 tables, and 752 review questions.

PFOIv10 supports 5 installation goals!

These goals are:

   low cost (do it right the first time)

      lowest possible optical power loss

         low reflectance

            short installation time and

               high reliability

for all cables, connectors, splices, and passive devices. The information in PFOIv10 is applicable for any fiber optic system. Such systems include data networks, data centers, telephone networks, fiber to the home networks, optical LANs, fiber to the antenna, distributed antenna systems, and CATV systems.

How does PFOIv10 help you achieve your goals?

The essential information (Ch. 1-13) sensitizes the installer to the capabilities and limitations of the products he installs. With this sensitivity, the installer understands how his actions influence power loss, reflectance, and reliability. With his understanding, he can easily follow the principles (Ch. 13-16) and methods (Ch. 20-26) that support his goals.

By following the methods, he achieves low loss connectors, cables, and splices (Ch. 21-26). He verifies proper installation with insertion loss, OTDR, ORL, and reflectance tests (Ch. 14-18). He compares the measured values to acceptance values that ensure high installed reliability (Ch. 19).

Develop 38 skills and abilities with PFOIv10

With PFOIv10, you develop 38 skills and abilities:

4 cable end preparations     

   4 cable installations

      5 connector installation methods

         2 connector evaluations      

            4 splicing methods   

2 splice evaluations    

   4 insertion loss tests         

      5 OTDR measurements

         ORL testing  

            reflectance testing   

3 acceptance calculations

   dispersion testing    

      continuity testing

         and polarity testing.

Pass FOA Certification Examinations

PFOIv10 enables installers to pass Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certification examinations. With appropriate training or experience, installers can become certified. The PFOIv10 information, study guides, and 749 review questions enable passing 11 examinations: the basic certification, CFOT, and 10 advanced certifications: CFOS/C, CFOS/T, CFOS/S, CFOS/O, CFOS/A, CFOS/DAS, CFOS/H, CFOS/DC, CFOS/FC, and CFOS/L.

How does PFOIv10 achieve all these benefits?

PFOIv10 is based on the authorÕs experience of:

39 years in fiber optics communications

   27 years of text development

      554 fiber presentations

         8902 fiber trainees

49,728 connectors installed or supervised

   104,256 insertion loss tests supervised

      30,266 OTDR traces made or supervised and

         12 years as a Director of the FOA

PFOIv10 condenses this extensive and unmatched experience into 21 well organized, easy to understand chapters with essential information (Ch. 1-13, 18, 29-35) and 14 chapters of hands on installation methods written in a cookbook-like manner (Ch. 14-17, 19-28).

These installation methods have been proven to work best for most installers from both the authorÕs hands-on training programs and his fieldwork.

Who will benefit?




         Colleges with FOA certification programs

Where to use PFOIv10?

Training installers      

   Certifying installers

      As a field work reference

Flexible Use

The modular structure enables use of PFOIv10 for many different training programs:

Basic training: Ch. 1-9

Field training: Ch.10-28

Develop advanced understanding: Ch. 10-17

Cable installation: Ch. 4, 11, 21, 28

Connector installation: Ch. 5, 12, 20, 22-25

Splicing: Ch. 6, 13, 26

Testing: Ch. 14-18, 27, 28, 34

Hands on training: Ch. 19-28

Application focus: Ch. 29-35

Five Part Structure

Part 1: Essential Information, Ch. 1-9

Part 2: Installation Principles, Ch. 10-13

Part 3: Testing Principles, Ch. 14-18, 20

Part 4: Installation Methods, Ch. 19, 21-28

Part 5: Application Focus, Ch. 29-35


PFOIv10 is an investment that returns many times its cost!