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37 Years Of Superior Fiber Optic Training And Consulting



These books are packed with practical and useful fiber optic information on installation, testing, and design. They are based on the authorŐs 39 years of experience, both in field installation and training in field installation. The authorŐs significant and extensive experience has resulted in his being identified as a Master Instructor by both the Fiber Optic Association and BICSI. You cannot help learn what you need to be successful from these books.


Fiber Optic Communications For Beginners- The Basics

This 46-page introduction to the basics of fiber optic communications presents the advantages of fiber optic communications, the fundamental language of network operation, limitations on transmission distance, and overviews of types and functions of fibers, cable, connectors, splicing, and testing.

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Successful Fiber Optic Network Installation- A Rapid Start Guide

This is a 46-page overview of the installation of fiber optic networks. It focuses on the installation process and the products required in a fiber network.

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Mastering The OTDR-Trace Acquisition And Interpretation

Of all the aspects of installing a fiber network, acquiring and interpreting traces causes novice installers the most difficulty. This 86-page guides the reader through the process of acquiring and properly interpreting OTDR traces.

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Mastering Fiber Optic Connector Installation- The Guide to Low Loss, Low Cost, And High Reliability

This 136-page guide presents the fundamentals of fiber optic connectors and detailed, cookbook-like instructions for installing fiber optic connectors by four different methods.

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Mastering Fiber Optic Network Design –The Essentials

This 246-page text guides the reader through the process of designing a fiber optical network to meet the goals of accurate transmission, high reliability, and low cost. This text simplifies this seemingly complex process by presenting a 14-step sequence of activities. Each step presents options and advantages for the choices that the designer makes.

For 15 years, this manual was the text for the BICSI FO110 course, titled Fiber Optic Network Design.

For training, a PowerPoint slide text is available. For those who want an overview of the design process, there is a management version of the course as a PowerPoint slide program.

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Fiber Cable Testing, Certification, And Troubleshooting

This 184–page book presents a PowerPoint presentation on testing of fiber optic links and networks. It is a subset of and based on the text Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v10. It presents testing by insertion loss, OTDR, reflectance, and ORL. It presents a strategy for calculating acceptance values for insertion loss and OTDR results that ensure high reliability. This book was created for presentation to Verizon wireless personnel. It includes exercises for determining acceptance values for cell phone tower links.

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